Behind the Scenes

 Apostle Shawn Adams

The journey for Shawn Adams was not a mystery to God but a divine plan. Growing up she knew of God and had spent years going to church, but never having an experience. Life changed when she accepted the call of the Prophet on her life. With years of training, she began teaching others about their spiritual gifts and she later went on to teach ministers as well. 

With the anointing of a prophet on her life, Remnant Ministries International Inc. was established in 2009. The vision of the ministry is "To Rebuild the People of God Through the Word of God". After pastoring for several years God elevated Pastor Adams to Apostle Shawn Adams. In this role, she has been effective in raising up the "Five Fold Ministry ''. Out of her belly, she has given birth to Apostles, Prophets, Pastors, Evangelists, and Teachers for the building of the Kingdom.

God has blessed Remnant Ministries International Inc. with two dynamic leaders! Pastor Mark Adams along with Apostle Shawn Adams continue to teach and preach the word of God with conviction. Stay tuned because God is using them to REBUILD!

Pastor Mark Adams

 Mark Adams received salvation at an early age. His foundation started at Mt. Vernon Missionary Baptist Church, which was the home church of his family. He later joined Fairview Missionary Baptist Church in Augusta Georgia. After years of serving on the Usher Ministry God begin to take his life on an unexpected journey.

In 2011, Remnant Ministries International Incorporated was birthed under the leadership of his wife, Shawn Adams. The new journey required Pastor Mark to embrace the calling on his life as well. He accepted the call of the Prophet and God begin to elevate him even more for his obedience. Under his leadership, many have been inspired to have a closer relationship with God through the studying of God’s word. Pastor Mark’s teaching style allows you to travel through the scriptures due to his insight, knowledge, and delivery of the text.  He is anointed to teach and preach the gospel to a dying generation. His gifts in the spirit are many and he continuously asks God to give him more wisdom so that he may be effective in his assignments. Pastor Mark has spiritual insight as it relates to the Interpretation of Dreams, the Gift of Healing, and Prophecy.  

Pastor Mark is a true example of "leading by example." He has a passion to teach Men how to operate under God’s Plan. Out of his passion, he established the GOP (God's Original Plan) Men's Ministry. Pastor Mark is excited about what God is doing in this hour and believes that God will make good on every promise. In the words of Pastor, “I’m never surprised by what God does, but I’m always Amazed.